Indigo shelf

Indigo shelf


Be ready to be complimented for this macrame shelf and give your space a magical feel. Inspired from the jali pattern all the way from the palaces of rajasthan, it will definitely add an element of style to your home. Easy to install and maintain, you can place this in any room and it will surely add a charm to it. This shelf can be used for styling your greens or storing your books. Hanging shelves save space on the ground and look stylish too.


Made with 100% cotton rope, in a pattern the seems like a collection of small owls. 

Size:  24 inches width,  35 inches height.

Care: Spot clean with cold water and mild soap or conditioner.

Note- All products are handcrafted and consequently, no two products will be exact duplicates. All the pieces are made to order, please allow us 10-15 days to make you order to perfection. 


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